How to Set An Appointment Reminder

In addition to helping you organize your doctor appointments, My Diabetes Home will also send you an email reminder notification before you head to the exam room.

1. To customize your appointment reminders, hover your cursor over the “myVisits” link at the top of your screen, and click on “Doctor Appointments.”



2. From your “myVisits - Add a Doctor Appointment” page, click the green button that says “New Appointment” at the top left of your screen. 



3. On the next screen, you can fill out all the necessary appointment details. You can also choose whether you’d like to receive an email reminder before your scheduled appointment. To receive a notification, check the “Yes” button.

4. From there, you can choose how far in advance you would like the alert. Then, just choose where you would like the notification saved. My Diabetes Home can sync with your Google, Yahoo!, Hotmail, Outlook, and Apple calendars. When you’re finished, press the green “Save” button, and your calendar will be updated.


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