How to Enter Insulin Doses with your Blood Sugars

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1. To add an insulin dose with your blood sugars, hover your cursor over the “mySugars" tab, and select “Sugar Log” from the drop-down menu.


2. Before you add an insulin dose, you must add a sugar to your log. To do this, begin by entering the date you took your last blood sugar measurement. The top of your blood sugar log is marked with meals or the times during the day you should test your blood sugar. Type your blood glucose measurement in the box that corresponds with the time you tested.


3.Next to each number you enter, you’ll see a gray or yellow star. A yellow star indicates your sugar level is above your target range, while a gray one indicates a sugar that is below or with your goals.


4. You can add insulin dose information to each sugar by clicking on the star next to the entry. In the screen that pops up, you can enter important information about the measurement, including the amount of insulin you took, foods you ate before you tested, and any other notes you would like to remember. When you’re finished, press the green “Save” button. 

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